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Maintaining and Enhancing Natural Blonde Hair Colour: A Guide to Healthy Hair

Written By Team Que 10 Oct 2023
Maintaining and Enhancing Natural Blonde Hair Colour: A Guide to Healthy Hair by Que Colour

Natural blondes are so lucky, they have the colour so many of us pay for and wish we had! In this blog we are going to give you the 411 on all things natural blonde hair. There are so many levels that contribute to being a blonde and maintaining your dream colour. In this blog, we will cover all the different types of blonde hair, the hair care routine that will take your natural hair health to the next level, we will also touch on how to enhance your natural colour without colouring or commitment and all the steps that will lead you to having your DREAM hair colour. 

These are all the different types of Natural Blonde hair:

Sandy Blonde

The inspiration for this Sandy blonde colour comes from the sand, this shade does not contain a lot of golden or ash tones. It is more of a neutral shade that will be reflecting some warmth when exposed to sunlight. Looking for a blonde with a little less maintenance, opt for a subtle root shadow with this colour and this one's for you!

Exepnsive Honey Blonde

Exepnsive Honey Blonde by Que Colour

The warm Honey blonde hair colour that is trending at the moment has caught our eye here at Que colour. It is warm yet bright, light but not heavily bleached looking. For this colour we would recommend asking for warm tones but not brassy. Think Werther's original caramel not caramello koala. To learn all about this colour visit our previous blog all about Expensive Honey Blonde.

Scandinavian Blonde

Scandinavian Blonde by Que Colour

This bright platinum colour is one of the most requested blondes yet. White hot blonde is so popular at the moment and at Que colour we are all about the new scandi hairline technique. To give that White hot blonde effect we are bleaching the fluffy baby hairs around the face to give that halo of lightness. Similar to a scandi hairline, face framing foils are another way to achieve this super blonde effect. Be prepared as this colour requires more frequent visits to your salon and a strong hair care routine at home!

Golden Blonde

Golden Blonde by Que Colour

Golden blonde is a shiny, almost iridescent blonde that looks best on healthy hair. This blonde is so warm and rich, it is a colour mixture of honey, golden, and buttery blonde tones. This blonde suits people with skin that has warm undertones and lighter eyes. 

Neutral Blonde

Neutral Blonde hair colour by Que Colour

Neutral blonde is a colour in the middle of cool and warm tones. It can either be a shade that isn't too warm or too cool like a beige or a creation that features both warm and cool tones. We like to think of buttery, biscuit tones similar to the beige latte hair colour.

How to Change My Natural Blond Hair Colour?

Sooo… you're wanting to leave your blonde hair and join the dark side? We've got you covered. Although it may take more than one session to get your hair exactly how you want it, booking in for a tint semi permanent colour is always a good place to start.

Christophe Robin’s Shade Variation Masks

Not ready to commit to anything just yet, the Christophe Robin’s Shade Variation Masks will be your best friend! This one you don’t need a professional for, simply shampoo your hair like normal, towel dry and then apply from root to tip and leave on for 30 minutes. 

This treatment uses natural pigment to nurture and tone your locks every so slightly. These come in many different shades including, Baby Blonde, Golden Blonde and Chic copper. Lasting only 2-3 washes, this is the ultimate no commitment! 

We always recommend booking in for a consultation so you and your colourist are on the same page. To avoid confusion remember to take at least 3 reference photos to your hairstylist. This will help leave no room for error when making the change!

It’s important to remember that this contrast in lightness is different on the screen to real life, so we always opt for a more subtle change first that can then be built on.

How To Invest In Your Hair Care Routine at Home?

Healthy hair and healthy will never go out of fashion, but what does healthy colour really mean? 

Regular visits to the salon to keep your colour fresh is important but it's no secret that healthy colour on healthy hair will always look shinier, glossier, and hold style better. One of the biggest elements to keeping your colour and hair healthy is a strong hair care routine.

Giving your hair TLC at home means investing in good quality products. It is ESSENTIAL to use products that are both sulphate and silicone free. Sulphates can clog pores and close your hair cuticles which completely strips away the natural oils of your hair. Silicones are ingredients made up of silica (a plastic-like element found in sand). Silicones can build up on the scalp and suffocate your hair follicles, causing  irritation and dandruff. Silicone free formulas lead to overall scalp health and healthy hair starts at the scalp! 

BUT don’t worry, we have a range of different products that will elevate your hair care routine to the next level. Christophe Robin and Larry King are both brands we swear by at Que colour.

The Larry King Collection features high-end ingredients and formulas that are both effective and sustainable. If you are a natural blonde with no colour we would HIGHLY recommend the Good life Shampoo and the Liquid hairbrush conditioner. If you are a bleached blonde we always recommend something more hydrating!

The Larry King Good Life Shampoo

Like a multi vitamin for your hair, The Larry King Good Life Shampoo will leave your hair feeling renewed and refreshed. This product helps to provide UV protection and prevent colour fading. Formulated using scalp loving green tea extract, Biotin (AKA Vitamin H) this shampoo provides long lasting moisture and prevents colour treated damage. 


The liquid hairbrush conditioner by Larry King


The liquid hairbrush conditioner by Larry King is designed to be used alongside the Good life shampoo, this lightweight conditioner has been formulated as a cuticle sealant to smooth down the hair shaft, lock in moisture and combat tangles.

The Christophe Robin Hydrating range is AMAZING for bleached/dry hair as it is designed to add moisture and natural oils to the hair.

Chriphope Robin Hydrating shampoo with Aloe vera

The Chriphope Robin Hydrating shampoo with Aloe vera is a moisture-rich shampoo, composed of 94% natural-origin ingredients, restores the appearance of dry, dull hair and gently cleanses so the scalp feels invigorated and hair looks luminous and shiny.

Hydrating melting mask by Christophe Robin

Pairing this with the Hydrating melting mask by Christophe Robin will take your hair care through the roof! This silky conditioning mask melts beautifully into hair to enhance shine and reduce frizz so hair feels soft, supple and manageable.

What Treatments Can Help My Hair In The Salon?

At Que Colour we offer a range of different treatments in the salon to keep your hair and colour super healthy.

Colour Shine

One of our favourite treatments at Que Colour is the Colour Shine. Free from ammonia, alcohol and peroxide, Sebastian Cellophanes are a “hair-friendly” colour gloss. As well as heightening the reflectivity of each strand, Cellophanes strengthen hair, preserves natural moisture balance and protects against UV.

The Wella plex leave in treatment is also a MUST for bleach and damaged head. It helps to repair damaged and dry hair and reconstructs the bonds inside the hair shaft to prevent and fix any hair damage.

These are both accessible, quick treatments that you can find at most hair salons! And the best part is it is an affordable way to get a celebrity-worthy shine.

How Can I Keep My Hair Healthy In The Summer?

Sun damage is primarily caused by the removal of moisture in the hair. So the best way to get healthy hair again is by getting moisture back into it quickly. Leave-in hair treatments can repair sun damage and make your hair softer, shinier, and smoother.

night recovery cream and oil by Christophe Robin

A leave-in hair treatment we would recommend is the night recovery cream and oil by Christophe Robin. This was formulated to nourish and strengthen fine to medium damaged hair. Protecting dry hair this combo tames frizz and nourishes lengths. 

Microfiber towels are another step that contribute to a good hair care routine. They create less friction on your hair, causing less breakage. Microfibre towels also reduce hair frizziness and keep curls intact. The microfiber towel dries your hair up to 5 times quicker, it also doesn't snag or tangle your hair which reduces breakage as it is so much gentler on your hair.

Invest In a Good Heat Protectant

Heat protectant is a product that reduces damage to your hair when used before heat styling.Heat protectant is essential for both protecting your hair's health, Especially when it comes to bleached/dry hair, which is particularly susceptible to breakage and moisture loss. When bleaching your hair using heat products is not ideal but preventing heat damage as much as possible is extremely important.

Our go-to heat protectants at Que colour are the GHD bodyguard spray, the Christophe Robin hydrating leave-in cream and the Christophe Robin curl cream.

GHD bodyguard

The GHD bodyguard heat protectant shields your hair against the heat of straighteners, tongs, wands and hair dryers with ghd Heat Protect Spray. This thermal protectant creates an invisible barrier on the hair, defending against heat damage and creating a smoother, shinier finish

The Hydrating leave in cream by Christophe Robin

The Hydrating leave in cream by Christophe Robin is a silky cream that instantly smoothing frizz and restores dry hair. While adding moisture to the hair it also offers heat protection up to 230°C. 

Christophe Robin luscious curl defining butter

For our curly girls, the Christophe Robin luscious curl defining butter with kokum butter is for you! This creamy conditioning mask is created to help give the impression of just-coloured radiance by infusing hair with a visible glossy sheen that looks lustrous & healthy. Locking in colour so your hair feels smooth, supple & deeply nourished.

Go into this summer with healthy blonde locks! We hope this blog inspires and educates you on everything you need to know about maintaining your colour as a blonde, while keeping your hair and colour healthy. Follow us on our socials for all the latest trends and tips for healthy hair and healthy colour -  TikTok and Instagram. To book with us at Que Colour, call us on - 02 9331 4444 or email us at