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How to Keep Coloured Hair Healthy Year Round

Written By Team Que 23 Jan 2024
How to Keep Coloured Hair Healthy Year Round

When it comes to how to keep coloured hair healthy, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. From skipping shampoo to chlorine disasters, we’re going to answer the most common questions and talk about what you can do at home to maintain healthy and nourished hair in between salon visits. 

One crucial factor is understanding that as we transition through seasonal changes, our hair is exposed to different climates. Just as many of us notice drier, dehydrated skin in winter, compared to oily, clogged skin in summer, our hair undergoes similar changes. 

At Que Colour, we see a common theme of summer hair being faded and appearing frizzier, whereas winter brings drier air, leading to increased breakage and brittleness. Hence, it is super important to have a range of products that not only work for coloured hair but also adapt to seasonal changes.


What Is Colour-Treated Hair?

Colour-treated hair is hair that has undergone a chemical process, such as dyeing or bleaching, to alter its natural colour. Whether covering greys or exploring the hottest trends, colour-treated hair demands special care to maintain its health and vibrancy.

What Is Colour-Treated Hair?


Is Overwashing A Thing?

Yes! Overwashing your hair is real, especially for coloured hair. The reason for this is that washing hair frequently can strip away natural oils and essential moisture, leading to dryness and dullness. For coloured hair, the risk is even higher as frequent washing can accelerate colour fading. Generally, we suggest washing your coloured hair 2-3 times a week to preserve both the colour and the health of the hair.


What Ingredients Should I Avoid?

It is ESSENTIAL to use products that are both sulphate and silicone-free. Sulphates can clog pores and close your hair cuticles which completely strips away the natural oils of your hair.  

Silicones are ingredients made up of silica (a plastic-like element found in sand). Silicones can build up on the scalp and suffocate your hair follicles, causing irritation and dandruff. Silicone-free formulas lead to overall scalp health, and healthy hair starts at the scalp!


Is Shampoo Bad For Coloured Hair?

A common question we get at Que Colour is whether to avoid shampoo, especially for those with colour-treated hair. It's crucial to strike a balance. While overwashing can strip away natural oils and contribute to colour fade, completely avoiding shampoo isn't advisable. 

Shampoo itself is not inherently bad for coloured hair, but certain ingredients commonly found in shampoos can pose challenges. To mitigate this, choose sulphate-free and colour-safe shampoos designed to preserve the vibrancy of coloured hair.

If you do need to wash your hair more than 3 times a week, we recommend using less shampoo and focusing just on the roots where oil and product buildup are most concentrated. 

Overall, it's essential to strike a balance in your hair care routine, considering factors like shampoo frequency, product formulation and overall hair health.


What Hair Care Products Will Help Prevent Damage and Breakage In Colour-Treated Hair?

Discovering the secret to maintaining that gorgeous post-salon shine for your colour-treated hair? It's all about the right hair care products. It is important to understand that after a fresh colour, your hair will need some extra T.L.C. 

This means investing in formulations designed for post-colour maintenance. Below, we'll delve into the best colour-safe hair-care products, based on each season. Get ready for a vibrant, salon-fresh mane!

What Hair Care Products Will Help Prevent Damage and Breakage In Colour-Treated Hair?


Summer Hair Colour Care

Summer weather in Australia brings about extreme heat, harsh UV and humidity. These conditions are the main culprit for stripping colour and causing breakage. To combat this, we love the Colour Shield Cleansing Mask and Colour Shield Shampoo from Christophe Robin. Specifically developed to help prolong the vibrancy of colour-treated hair, it uses camu-camu berries, sunflower seed extract and macadamia oil to infuse hair with softness and shine. 

Colourshield Cleansing Mask

Christophe Robin - Colourshield Cleansing Shampoo


For something more lightweight, a fantastic option is the Hydrating Shampoo with Aloe Vera, formulated to restore the appearance of dry, dull hair. For extra hydration in-between washes, the Christophe Robin Hydrating Leave-In Mist with Aloe Vera is our top pick.   


Christophe Robin - Hydrating Shampoo with Aloe Vera

Hydrating Shampoo with Aloe Vera


Christophe Robin - Hydrating Leave-In Mist with Aloe Vera

Hydrating Leave-In Mist with Aloe Vera


Autumn Hair Colour Care

Autumn is the perfect time to start preparing your hair for winter whilst recovering from Summer. The air starts becoming cooler and drier, which requires you to amp up the moisture. Not only does the Hydrating Cream Scrub gently exfoliate the roots and scalp, but it is also packed with aloe vera and fermented agave juice extract, so hair is left looking sleek, shiny and conditioned. 

One of our best sellers, for a reason, is the Christophe Robin Hydrating Melting Mask. We love this silky conditioning mask for its ultra-light texture, melting beautifully into the hair to enhance shine and reduce frizz.        

Christophe Robin - Hydrating Cream Scrub

Hydrating Cream Scrub



Christophe Robin - Hydrating Melting Mask


Hydrating Melting Mask


    We recommend using a purifying mask, like this Thermal Mud Mask from Christophe Robin to overcome the effects of the sun, chlorine, and saltwater exposure. Used pre-wash, the mask works to help draw out any build-up of impurities and pollution. For the ultimate pairing, use it alongside a Purifying Shampoo to detoxify and deeply cleanse the hair and scalp.


    Thermal Mud Mask from Christophe Robin

    Purifying Mud Mask


    Christophe Robin - Purifying Shampoo

    Purifying Shampoo


      Winter Hair Colour Care

      Cool temperatures and low humidity call for extra hydration and nourishing treatments. First up, the best-selling Regenerating Mask with Prickly Pear Oil from Christophe Robin; we swear by this hair mask. It's creamy, intensely nourishing and gives the hair a visible glossy luminosity. Packed with prickly pear seed oil, one of the richest plant sources of omegas and amino acids, the Regenerating Serum works wonders to infuse hair with a soft, sumptuous feel and reveal an ultimate shine. 

      Give your hair a breather from the hot styling tools; heatless hair styling will not only save time, but save your hair from damage, promoting longer-lasting colour, longer-growing hair, and stronger, healthier locks. Instead, use the Instant Volumising Mist with Rose to add some body without the need for heat.


             Christophe Robin - Regenerating Mask with Prickly Pear Oil


      Christophe Robin - Regenerating Serum

      Regenerating Serum 


      Christophe Robin - Instant Volumising Mist with Rose

       Instant Volumising Mist


      Spring Hair Colour Care

      It’s time to rejuvenate your hair after the harsh winter weather. Hydration is key to replenishing moisture lost in cooler months. Like a multivitamin for your hair, the Larry King Good Life Shampoo is packed with goodness from green tea extract to Biotin; it specifically works to prevent colour fading and damage.  

      A cult classic, A Social Life For Your Hair is a super-charged satin finishing cream used to smooth, define, add shine, texture or tame. This is an everyday hair hero. 

      Quite literally in the name, the Liquid Hairbrush Conditioner has been formulated to seal down the hair cuticle, lock in moisture and combat tangles during rinsing, reducing the need for brushing. 


      Larry King Good Life Shampoo

      Larry King Good Life Shampoo

      Larry king - A Social Life For Your Hair

       A Social Life For Your Hair

      Larry King - Liquid Hairbrush Conditioner

      Liquid Hairbrush Conditioner


      To Wrap It Up! 

      To maintain vibrant hair colour all year round, having healthy hair is our biggest tip because any colour always looks better on healthy hair! 

      We hope you use some of our season-specific hair care recommendations. Follow us on our socials for all the latest hair trends and tips for healthy hair and healthy colour -  TikTok and Instagram. To book with us at Que Colour, email us at or call us on - 02 9331 4444.