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2022 Hair Trends - Colour, Style & Health

Written By Team Que 28 Feb 2022
2022 Hair Trends - Colour, Style & Health

2022 Hair Trends - Colour, Style & Health

We’re super excited to share our TOP 2022 hair trend predictions with you!

After the whirlwind of the past two years, it feels like we’re coming in hot for the next 12 months seeing some jaw-dropping inspiration from fashion week, celebrity style and influencers around the globe. Our clients are going for the hair changes they have always wanted to make after spending some quality time researching. It’s time to stop holding back and tell your hairstylist what you REALLY want !

Our top trends come from a combination of what we have heard YOU ask for in our chair at Que colour, what YOU have loved on our social media and what WE have seen go viral. Get ready to deep dive into all things trending hair colour and trending hair styles with us. 

Turning to the Dark Side

2022 Hair Trends turning to the dakr side


Let's kick it off with one of our favourite transformations to date. If there was ever a time to embrace your natural hair colour and reap the benefits of an ultra glossy finish, it is now.  For many of our clients, opting to return to their natural roots is equal parts about keeping their hair colour low maintenance as it is to give their hair a break from bleach and give it a change to grow. 

When going back back to the dark side it's important to remember:

  • You may get a shock at first!
    Let's be real, especially if you have been highlighting your hair for years, seeing your hair back at its natural level may give you an initial shock, and some time to get used to. This is completely normal, so prepare yourself mentally and embrace the change!

  • Make sure you keep some variation in your colour
    There are many different colouring techniques which can be chosen here to make sure you keep dimension and natural light reflection throughout your colour. For example, check out this colour transformation with our client Lillie, Monique weaved pivot foils on either side of her hairline before applying the semi permanent colour, to keep an eye opening area of lightness which compliments her skin and eye tone. 

Hairline Bleaching & Bright Hairlines 

2022 Hair Trends - Hairline Bleaching & Bright Hairlines

We blame TikTok for this one, hairlines are having their moment in the spotlight with so many people enquiring about getting more brightness around the frame of their face!

We think it is born from the use of ring lights, which enhance and brighten the areas around your face, making those pieces of hair that frame your face look brighter. The hairline trend is all about recreating that “glow” using a combination of hair colouring techniques that will give you that airbrushed feeling but in real life. 

There are a few trending names for this, you may have seen these terms being used “rogue blonde, scandi hairline, money piece” whatever you want to call it, we don’t see this hair trend disappearing any time soon. 

So how do you know what to ask for? 

An important note on this hair trend is that a “bright hairline” will mean something different to everyone. To avoid confusion (i.e ending up with full-on 90’s stripes at the front) remember to take at least 3 reference photos to your hairstylist. This will help leave no room for error when making the change!

It’s important to remember here that this contrast in lightness is different on the screen to real life, so we always opt for a more subtle change first that can then be built on.

How do I know if a bright hairline will suit me? 

Honestly, there is almost (almost) no one who doesn’t suit having more lightness around the frame of their face. Even if you have a dark base colour, you can shift your hairline even ½ a shade brighter to notice a flattering difference. As this is where the sun hits, and where most will naturally will have lighter pieces, it gives a very organic and natural finish to the hair.


Damage wise, if you are very blonde then you already know that the front of your hair is already most susceptible to breakage so you will need to make sure that you invest in some TLC for your hair. A great hydrating mask or leave in plex treatment is sure to do the trick to help maintain overall hair health.

Natural Hair Colour, Embracing The Gray 

The last two years of lockdowns have meant regrowth galore and for a lot of people, it pushed them past that “awkward” stage which normally prompts you to come back to the salon every 4-5 weeks. We have had a lot of clients come in, ready to transition to embrace their natural greys and we LOVE IT. Low maintenance, inherently chic, and absolutely trending.

Now when we say embrace the grey it’s all about using colour to enhance your grey or soften the grow out line of the colour. Bring out those grey temple areas with soft shimmer foils, using colour in scattered foils for the rest of the hair to make sure you're keeping natural dimension to the new look.

What to remember: Manage your expectations. If you have been tinting or colouring your hair for the last 10+ years, it may take more than one session to achieve an all over even grey hair colour which matches your natural roots. Be open and honest with your colourist and listen to their advice to get you on a fool-proof colour plan.  

Need some colour inspo? Look no further than Australian model Rachel Waller who is redefining beauty with her incredible grey locks! 


2022 Hair Trends - Natural Hair Colour, Embracing The Gray

Slick Hair Buns & Sleek Ponytail styling 

 Get the hair gel out of the back of your beauty cupboard because it’s time to slick it back. 

 Good news for us lazy hair do-ers, the slick hair silhouette is dominating the beauty world right now, with many calling it “the clean girl” trend.  Led by the likes of Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Zendaya, not only is this look surprisingly easy to replicate, but a great way to disguise greasy roots or just a bad hair day. Rather than battling with a hair straightener to smooth it out, opt for a 2000’s inspired super slick bun or pony with a couple of pieces left out at the front to frame your face.

 Not only does a sleek pulled back hairstyle look put-together and timeless, it’s also a saving grace for the health of your hair as you can give it a welcome break from heat styling. 

The Sleek High Ponytail 

Like an instant face lift you can’t go past a classic high pony. Look no further than one of our favourite celebrity stylists Chris Appleton’s latest tutorial which shows how you can use hair extensions to elevate your high pony. 

2022 Hair Trends - The Sleek High Ponytail

The Sleek Bun

Classy and elegant, the sleek bun is your go to for when your hair has really reached the point of no return. The plus side to a bun over a ponytail is that you can apply a hair mask or hair moisturizer all over, comb it through and leave it in all day long to reap the benefits ! We’re going to link another Chris Appleton tutorial (yes, we’re obsessed) as he is the master mind behind THAT bella hadid bun we’re always trying to recreate.

2022 Hair Trends - The Sleek bun

What Product To Use For Sleek Ponytail 

  • Make sure you have a good quality hair clay/gel to get the look started, we love this one from ANTI
  • A hydrating treatment which you can apply to your lengths, for when you slick it all the way back if you choose to. This brand new hair serum from les huilettes is 100% natural and works wonders with its botanical blend of essential and vegetable oils 
  • A Boar bristle brush like this one from IBIZA hair tools, to get a good grip on stray hairs and give you that flat polished look
  • A flexible hold hair spray for any stray hairs, spray this lightly onto your...(see below)
  •  An eyebrow spoolie or hair toothbrush for the last few fly aways to complete the look 
2022 Hair Trends - What Product To Use For Sleek Ponytail

Heatless Hair Styling: Air Dry Natural Hair 

Spend less time heat styling, more time living life. The air drying phenomenon isn’t new, however, it is making a big impact on restoring hair to its optimum health by giving it a breather from the hot styling tools, heatless hair styling will not only save on time, but save your hair from damage, promoting longer lasting colour, longer growing hair, and stronger healthier locks. 

There are a few different ways you can embrace this trend. If you have bangs or face framing layers, a hot tip is to blow dry just the fringe of your hair while you let the rest dry naturally, or tie the rest back in a high pony. This automatically gives a polished look without the effort. 

You can try out the viral “heatless hair kits”  which we have seen so many influential people using-  by wrapping your damp hair around a curling ribbon and tying it together whilst you sleep (or finish getting ready) these kits give you curler results without the 200 degree celsius heat. Check out this heatless bathrobe curls video from one of our favourite hair guru’s Negin Mirsalehi.

If these don’t suit you, simply wash and wear! Be sure to stock up on natural origin ingredient leave- in products. Why natural origin? We deep dived into the harm silicones can cause on our curly hair care blog.

Our top leave in products are: 

Luscious Curls Defining Cream by Christophe Robin


Everything Cream by Anti

Anti Everything Spray

Apply to damp hair after shampooing and conditioning and really push the products into the hair cuticle and let it do it’s magic. 

Healthy Hair Colour

Our personal favourite, most timeless trend of them all. Healthy hair will never go out of fashion, but what does healthy colour really mean? 

To us, healthy colour is a combination of three key elements. It’s when a client's home hair care routine, colourist and stylist work together in harmony and magic happens. It's no secret that healthy colour will always look shinier, glossier, and hold style better than the latter. Want to achieve it? It’s easier than you think!

2022 Hair Trends Healthy Hair Colour

How to Keep Coloured Hair Healthy?

First things first, make sure your colourist is on the same page as you and knows that hair health is your number one concern. Once this has been communicated to your stylist, you should start to see results almost immediately, as you work together towards your healthy hair goal.

Then the home hair care comes in. The key to maintaining healthy colour and boosting hair health is in your routine at home. We did the hard work for you with a definitive list of the best hair care products for each hair concern in our previous blog. Be sure to check it out if you’re having trouble finding the right products for you.